Developing Personal Goals

This course will help you develop your Personal Goals and aim your set goals as we go through the course. Get your pen and paper and start your journey here.

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Level: Basic
Personal and Business Structure with The VA University

Business Structure

This course will help you map out your Personal and Business Structure and Design your and your future Client’s Website based on your Personal & Business Structure.

Level: Basic
Branding with The VA University

Branding Your Business

Branding is one of the Factors why Business sells. This course will help you Build your Personal and Business Branding in the Online Market.

Level: Basic
WordPress 101 with The VA University

WordPress 101: Basic Setup

This course will help you and your future clients to set up their WordPress website. This course includes settings, themes, plugins, customization, pages, and post.

Level: Basic
Plugin Integration with The VA University

Plugin Integration

Plugin Integration course will help you set up your website and integrate plugins that will improve your website’s functionality and add additional features to your WordPress Website.

Level: Basic
WordPress Website Development with The VA University

WP Website Development

This course will guide you in building your own Personal or Business Website. To maximize your experience, you need to have your own WordPress Platform to join this course.

Level: Basic
Establish Social Identity with The VA University

Establish Social Identity

This course will help you establish your Social Identity and build a strong connection between your business website, your social page, and your clients in one social link.

Level: Basic
Freelance Portfolio with The VA University

Freelance Portfolio

This course will help you create a robust portfolio that will help you land a job. Do not take this course if you failed to take all the courses in the Basic Level.

Level: Basic
Image Optimization with The VA University

Boosting Speed With Image

Boosting Speed with Image course will help you optimize your website and improve the speed without sacrificing the quality of your website. Be ready with your Basic Photoshop Skills.

Level: Advance
Content Management with The VA University

Content Management

This course will give you a huge advantage in creating and managing the content of your personal and business website and of course your future client’s website.

Level: Advance